If Walls Could Talk – Artwork Selection

The above living room photo of my Newport, Rhode Island Project was selected to appear in the Merritt Art Gallery December Article “On the Wall”, Make an Impact Over the Sofa ( www.merrittgallery.com/make-an-impact-over-the-sofa/ ). Please take a look. The 3 photos illustrate how different painting choices can change the mood and feel of a space.

Which one would you choose?

The photos below of the RI master bedroom illustrate how a painting can dramatically change the ambience of the room. The first painting has a calm, restful, dreamlike sensibility that is conducive to sleep. The second painting has an edgy maybe even a tense feel although the stacked pillows are soft and sculptural in composition. Which would you choose for this space, 1 or 2?

Wishing Everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a Peaceful New Year

 Happy Holiday Decorating

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